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You are overpaying your taxes.

Let’s fix that.

So far we have saved our clients
a total of $740,264,635 in taxes.

Attention Business Owners

Think your CPA is
doing this for you?
They Aren’t

Your CPA is paid to file your taxes – NOT to find you thousands of dollars in tax savings
Think otherwise? Let us review your taxes and tell you how much you’ve OVERPAID THIS YEAR!!!

We work with you & your current financial team to review your current tax situation.

We create a fully detailed and custom DropMyTaxes tax strategy plan based on your financial situation.

We deliver your DropMyTaxes plan so you can start implementing tax strategies & saving money right away!

Are you fed up with paying more than you
should on taxes and watching your hard-
earned cash drain out of your bank
account each year?

Is your CPA unhelpful and unimaginative,
leaving you with the same old tired
strategies and reactive planning?

Do you get angry seeing your money being
wasted, leaving you with less and less to
reinvest into growing your business, take
advantage of new opportunities, and
spend on your loved ones?

If You’re Sick Of Paying More Than You Need To In Taxes, Then This Will Be
The Most Important Information You Read All Year

Our Ironclad Guarantee

With any purchase you will receive our estimated Return on Investment results assessment. Assuming that you implement all of the strategies we suggest, our 100% money-back guarantee is that if your ROI is less than your investment we will cut you a check for the difference!

Getting your CPA to bring you Tax Strategies always feels like pulling teeth, but it’s not their fault! Your CPA is amazing at their job, but In the hustle and bustle of tax season your CPA just doesn’t have time to dig in, research, explain, and hope you exploit all of the legal and above board strategies that are available to business owners.

At some point, though, most business owners wonderam I really getting all of the deductions I deserve?

Pssst – One of the industries best kept secrets!
The big guys are paying $40k+ for these strategies! Get yours for $14,400.

With DropMyTaxes program from the Tax Goddess, we make it our mission to help you reach YOUR financial goals. We will coordinate with your CPA to help you implement all the “big boy” tax strategies in your financial life and get more money in your pocket now!

With our proprietary Tax Reduction Blueprint you will learn about all the massive tax savings strategies available to business owners.

You will obtain step-by-step instructions on how to save the money for yourself to invest in your business, finally pay-off that debt, or buy that dream car!

Our team specializes in strategies, loopholes, options, missed opportunities, and tiny tweaks that will make an ENORMOUS difference to your tax bill!

Let us help you put your money back where it belongs – IN YOUR POCKET!!

Using our Missed Opportunity Matrix, we scan over 360 strategies to see which can be applied to your situation and provide a detailed report including legal tax code backup and savings strategies tips to help you get the biggest bang for your buck!

Hi, I’m Shauna A. Wekherlien, CPA, and I’m known as the “Tax Goddess”!

I’m one of only 600 Certified Tax Coaches in the entire country, and I’m proud to be in the top 1% of this exclusive field.

I am ex-KPMG, nationally recognized, Senior level Tax Strategist that focuses on high-wealth preservation & growth. Expertise in Real Estate. Business Owner, & Investor arenas.

I’m committed to helping as many people as possible save HUGE amounts on their tax bill. (We help our clients save an average of $36,307 per year!)

I know you work extraordinarily hard for your money, and I want to see you benefit from the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve put into your business.

As Seen On

What is included in the DropMyTaxes Package

  • Actionable Tax Strategies in plain English
  • Video Explanations: Explaining each strategy included in your package
  • 90 mins In-Depth Review Video Conference:: Meet with a DropMyTaxes Specialist to review and guide you through your reduction strategies & answer your questions.
  • Tax code & Court Case references
  • Return on Investment Analysis
  • Money Back Guarantee

The DropMyTaxes program provides you with the same tax strategies that the big boys use to reduce their overall tax burdens but with a much smaller price tag! (The big boys pay over $45k for these strategies!!!) Our team of tax strategy experts have reviewed over 360 tax strategies to determine which strategies will be the right fit for your situation.

Our program includes tax strategy guides that are written in plain English (not CPA “tax code”), including videos describing the strategy and how they could be applied to your situation. The DropMyTaxes package also includes an easy-to-follow index, legal filing guidelines, deadline notifications, tax saving opportunities, potential traps/landmines, Internet resources, and source documentation backup (such as the Internal Revenue Code, treasury regulations, revenue rulings and procedures). Our experts have built and prepared money savings strategies for every business, ensuring that you are saving the maximum tax dollars and keeping them in your pocket!


Are you a business owner & entrepreneur who:

Own a profitable business and are looking for a way to reduce your tax burden?

Understands that utilizing legal strategies in an effective way to keep more money in your pocket so that you can reach your goals & dreams (take that vacation, buy that dream car, invest in real estate,…)

Wants a simple yet effective program that allows you to purchase additional assistance in the areas you feel you need it (but not pay for extras you won’t use?)

Wants to keep more money for you & your loved ones (and not see it in the government’s hands!)

We know that business owners work extraordinarily hard for their money and we want to make sure that you, not the government, see the benefit from the blood, sweat, and tears that you’ve invested in your business

Let our team of tax strategy experts bring you the same tax strategies that the big boys use to reduce their tax burden every year. Invest in DropMyTaxes plan Now.

Our Ironclad Guarantee

With any purchase you will receive our estimated Return on Investment results assessment. Assuming that you implement all of the strategies we suggest, our 100% money-back guarantee is that if your ROI is less than your investment we will cut you a check for the difference!

OK, OK – I am ready!!! What are the next steps so I can get my savings ASAP?!

This is how our program works for our DropMyTaxes clients. (4) easy steps!

STEP 1: Register for our program & Pay for your $14,400 DropMyTaxes program fee (Remember, there are add-ons that can greatly increase your overall tax reductions!)

STEP 2: You will be directed to an engagement letter to sign. There are quite a few signatures (because we are professionals the IRS regulates our services, meaning, we need a LOT of permissions to work on your files!). Without this, we cannot proceed.

STEP 3: You will receive an email with the link to our questionnaire. The more details you can give us the more strategies we know can apply to you! It will take you a good 2-3 hours to fill this out for us (just so we are being up front!) but you can save & come back to it as long as you are using the same browser & machine. Please get this to us ASAP so we can get you your savings strategies back ASAP!

STEP 4: Results!!! You will receive a secure email from our team that will contain your DropMyTaxes package. In your package will be all the strategies, ideas, and videos with general descriptions of the strategies that are applicable to your situation.

You start saving $$$$$!

Now, all that is left is for you to implement!

DropMyTaxes program uses our proprietary Strategic Tax Coaching System That To Date Has Saved Our Clients Over $740,264,635 and Counting!

 ”  I work hard for my money and I like keeping the money I make. I’ll pay my fair share, but don’t want to pay any more in taxes than I have to.

Shauna has helped me so much. When I first met her, I was starting to make decent money and I knew I was paying too much in taxes. I just didn’t know how to get deductions or where to look.  

I asked if she could save me money and she told me about her DropMyTaxes program. I didn’t know something like this even existed! 
She asked me to bring some basic information – nothing crazy – and we started identifying some potential savings.
A week after we first spoke she called me and told me she had great news – she could save me over $30,000! I’ve been saving that money ever since. She saved me tens of thousands of dollars I didn’t even know was out there.
As far as I’m concerned as a small business owner, signing up with the Tax Goddess and her team is a no-brainer!”
– Tim Lyons, Pulse Fitness Personal Training


See What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying…

Tim Lyons Jr.
Digital Marketing & Fitness Expert

Robin Klauer
Small Business Owner

Don’t Delay
Act Now If You Want to Keep More Money in Your Pocket!

Message from the Founder

My name is Shauna A. Wekherlien, CPA. I am a CPA, Masters in Taxation, Certified Tax Coach, and Certified Tax Strategist (Top 1% of strategists in the USA).

I designed and built the DropMyTaxes program specifically for business owners, 1099 contractors, investors, real estate specialists, and service professionals so that they could save money using tax strategies just like the “big guys.”

Saving money for individuals and families just like yours are a deep seated passion of mine. We are SO excited to be working with you & can’t wait to get your DropMyTaxes program to you – we want all your money in your pocket ASAP!

With deep passion for saving entrepreneurs and business owners TONS OF MONEY.

The loving team at, and

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